Chris and Glen recently paid a visit to Gusford Primary School in Ipswich to assist a group of fourteen Year Six pupils who have been working on a project to modernise the existing Ipswich Museum (and perhaps even go as far as re-homing it in a new building).

The pupils told us how they visited the current museum and used the opportunity to review the positive aspects of the existing site (like Wool-I-Am the mammoth and Rosie the Rhino!) which they would preserve for future generations.

We explained our job roles in the world of design and construction and went on to describe the types of mathematical processes that would help to develop their skills regarding area, perimeter, scale and ratio in the aim that the pupils could use this to produce their final scheme. As an example, we brought along some floor plans and the group then worked alongside us to measure missing dimensions and calculate the area of rooms and spaces.

Mrs Makin of Gusford Primary School said “The visit was a valuable and very successful session and the pupils correctly measured a number of the aspects of the plan – they really engaged with the tasks Chris and Glen set them”. She went on to say “I was incredibly pleased with the effort shown by the pupils and look forward to the returning visit from Plaice to show them how they used their new skills and review the completed projects”.

AuthorGlen Read